Life History of Maula(TUS)

1. Date of Birth: Born on Saturday the 20th Rabiul Akhar 1333h, 06th March 1915 in Surat, in the house of 51st Dai-el-Mutlaq, Syedna Taher Saifuddin AQ through Husaina Aaisaheba and named as his grand father "Mohammed" the 49th Dai-el Mutlaq. It is indeed a great coincidence that, 52nd Dai was born on the very day that his father Syedna Taher Saifuddin AQ, first officially sat on the pedestal of the Dawat.

2. In 1336h, He started his Ibtedai Taalim (Kindergarten) in Udaipur with "Bismillah Ir Rehman Ir Rahim" at the age of 3 years.

3. In 1347h, Syedna Taher Saifuddin AQ took his Misaq, and with it gave the Laqab (surname) of "Burhanuddin". He performed his 1st Haj and Ziarat to Najaf & Kerbala at that time.

4. In 1348h, The case of Nus (appointment) of 47th Dai el Mutlaq by 46th Dai was decided in Dawat favor and during that period Mohammed Burhanuddin committed himself to memorizing Al Qur’an and became Hafiz Ul Qur’an.

5. On 27th Rajab 1349h, 7th Jan 1929, at the age 17 year, He was bestowed with the title of "Haddiyat" by Syedna Taher Saifuddin AQ.

6. In 1350h, Syedna Taher Saifuddin AQ established the office of Al Vazaratus Saifiyah in Mumbai and appointed Mohammed Burhanuddin for the same by awarding the Alamat Sharifa to him.

7. Again on 27th Rajab 1352h, at the age of 19 years, he was raised to the second highest pedestal in the Dawah with the title of "Mazoon" by Syedna Taher Saifuddin AQ.

8. On 27th Zilqad 1354h, 19th Feb 1936, His marriage with Ammatullah Aaisaheba D/o. Abdul Hussain Bhaisaheb was celebrated in Surat with great joy & splendor.

9. In 1358h, As Mazoon ud Dawah, he performed his 1st Ashara Mubarak Waaz in Nasik, India.

10. In 1359h, Syedna Taher Saifuddin AQ conferred on his heir apparent the titles of Taj ul Dawah ut Taiyeba and Quratul Aen Imamul Mutlaqeen."

11. In 1361h, Again Syedna Taher Saifuddin AQ conferred on his heir apparent the title of "Umdatul Ulemaal Mohideen".

12. In 1370h, Ashara Mubarak waaz was performed by both Syedna Taher Saifuddin AQ & Mohammed Burhanuddin in Mumbai on one Takht. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS delivered the shahadat biyan and Syedna Taher Saifuddin AQ concluded the shahadat of Imam Hussain (sa).

13. In 1381-82h, He performed a victorious voyage to Yemen after 400 year of Dawah transfer from Yemen & on return bestowed with the title of "Mansoorul Yemen".

14. In Ramzan 1384h, "Lailatul Qadr" was observed together by both Syedna Taher Saifuddin AQ & Mohammed Burhanuddin in Mumbai.

15. In the midnight 19th Rajabul Asab 1385h, 13th Nov 1965, Syedna Taher Saifuddin AQ left the mortal world (Aalume Fani) towards the Immortal world (Aalume Baqi) in the Hazrat of Imamuzaman by passing away peacefully in Matheran.

16. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin TUS became the 52nd Dai-el-Mutlaq at the age of 52 years. He choose the burial place of Syedna Taher Saifuddin AQ, where the Zarih of Amirul–Mumineen (SA) and Imam Hussain (SA) were fabricated. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin paid a humble tribute to his illustrious predecessor by building a White Marble mausoleum with many features of the Fatemi relics in Cairo. Over and above all this, the manuscript copy of the Qur’an from which Syedna Taher Saifuddin AQ recited, was copied by photographic process, transfered on 772 marble slabs, engraved in Pure Gold and now lies in the inner walls of the "Raudhat Tahera". Surah e Fateha and 113 Bismillah’s are made of precious stone Ruby (Maneq). This engraving of entire Qur’an in pure Gold is unprecedented in Islamic history.

17. On 17th Shaban 1385h, Syedna Burhanuddin TUS raised his brother, Syedi Khozema Bhaisaheb Qutubuddin as "Mazoon ud Dawah".

18. In Ramdan 1385h, wrote the 1st Munajaat and Risala Sharifa (Istaftah Zubdal Muarif). Then on 1st Shawwal, performed Al JameaTUS Saifiyah’s Exam and started the "Zikra Mualana Muqqaddas". Then in Zilqad, Inagurated the Zari Mubarak of Rasul Hussain (SA) and was conferred with the Honorary Degree of Doctorate in Islamic Science by Al Azhar University in Cairo.

19. In 1386h, performed 1st Ashara Mubaraka as Dai-el-Mutlaq in Mumbai. After the 1st Anniversary of Syedna Taher Saifuddin (AQ), Syedna (TUS) inaugurated the Qubba mubarak of Syedna Qutubuddin Shaheed (RA) in Ahmedabad. Also introduced "Saifee Memorial Foundation" and performed 21 Dawat’s ziarat in 1� months tour of Kathiawar. In this year the Aligarh Muslim University conferred him, with the Degree of Doctorate in Theology.

20. In 1387h, performed Ashara Mubaraka in Mumbai and in Ramazanul Moazzam, his speech on the subject of Qur’an was broadcasted through Radio.

21. In 1388h, performed Ashara Mubaraka in Mumbai and introduced a scheme for mumineen to participate in making of Raudhat Tahera. Made a huge contribution for the affected people of Surat against flood in Tapi River. Performed a historic visit in East Africa and went for Haj in Mecca. Also, in this year Shahzada Muffaddal Bhaisaheb Saifuddin Saheb's Nikah was performed in Surat.

22. In 1389h, Syedna TUS performed Ashara Mubaraka in Mecca and then became the 1st Dai-el-Mutlaq to visit the Western countries. Vasheq for 30th Raat of Ramadan was introduced. In Shawwal weddings of Sh. Muffaddal Bhaisaheb Saifuddin & Shehzadi Husaina Baisaheb was observed with great joy & splendor. In Zilhaj visited to Colombo.

23. In 1390h, Ashara Mubaraka in Columbo, Then made a historic visit in Kathiawar & Rajkot and thereafter visited Cairo on the funeral of President Jamal Abdul Nasser. Then in Shawwal inaugurated Al JameaTUS Saifiyah’s Exam and removed four (4) Manahis (corrupted) Ustaad from Jamea.

24. In 1391h, Ashara Mubaraka in Calcutta. Renovation of Qubbah Mubarak of Syedna Hatim in Yemen visited the Cave (Kahf ul Naeem) where Syedna Hatim used to give Sabaq. Historic visit to Indore, Performed ziarat for 21days in Burhanpur and students of class 10th & 11th of JameaTUS Saifiyah were asked to attain the Ziqra Milad-e-Syedna Taher Saifuddin (AQ) in surat.

25. In 1392h, Ashara Mubaraka in Surat. Inauguration of Burhani College in Mumbai.

26. In 1393h, Ashara Mubaraka in Mumbai. Munafiqeen Fitnat started in Udaipur. Made visit to Rampura, Bhanpura & Ratlam.

27. In 1394h, Ashara Mubaraka in Mumbai. On 28th Rabiul Awwal visited Iraq as state guest and took Misaq of Shehzada Ammar Bhaisaheb in Karbala. Inaugurated Zarih & Mehrab Mubarak of Amirul Momineen in Kufa in the presence of Governor of Kerbala and other muslim scholars. Then via Cario, made his 1st visit to London. One of the four manahis of Jamea (Shaddad) died. A false case was made against 18 mumineen, which include, Ustaad & Student of Jamea and Jamat members for his death.

28. In 1395h, Ashara Mubaraka in Mumbai. On Chehlum raat inaugurated "Raudhat Tahera & waqaf the Fatemi Masjid". Then went to Mecca to attain the funeral of Shah Faisal and perform Umrah. On Milad day won the case against 18 mumineen and got back the possession of "Sandoz House, presently known as Saifee Memorial Foundation". Made visit to Madras and gave the title of "Visamo Istehsanil Khidmat (VIK) to Sh. Ibrahim Yamani whose Mad-he ’s are popular among all of us
29. In 1396h, Ashara Mubaraka in Calcutta and stayed there for 2 months. Then on invitation of Mehar-Jan Al Aalume Islami went to London. Established mumineen’s centre in London and on Miladun Nabi got the news, that African High Court decided the case of Dawah Properties and made Syedna (TUS) the True Trustee. This was a great victory for Dawah. Afterward Burhanpur Hakimiyah Case was also won. Then from London, went to Karbala, Najaf, Cairo and to Yemen, where inaugurated the Road to Qubbah mubarak of Syedna Hatim bin Syedna Ibrahim (RA).

30. In 1397h, Ashara Mubaraka in Madras, bestowed Shehzada Ammar Bhaisaheb with the title of "Haddiyat" and gave the (Laqab) of "Jamaluddin". During the waaz in Madras, when Syedna (TUS) uttered these words that, "Hussain Na Gham Ma Shajar Ane Hajar Roya", people in Galyakot witnessed the Miracle of Mazar e Syedi Fakhruddin Shaheed shedding Tears. Syedna (TUS) went to Galyakot and called upon 40 students of JameTUS Saifiyah to witness the same. Thereafter Syedna (TUS) went to Ahmedabad & Mumbai and the same Miracle happened in Syedna Qutubuddin Shaheed & Syedna Taher Saifuddin AQ. Afterward the news came that all the Mazar of Hindustan experienced the same Miracle. Syedna (TUS) emphasized mumineen to perform Maatum with more Josh.

During this Miracle, the Munafiqeen tried to open a conference in Udaipur. Syedna (TUS) sent mumineen to Udaipur to perform Jihad against the same and thus the conference was stopped. On Syedna (TUS)’s Milad Mubarak, Shahzada Huzefa Bhaisaheb, Idris Bhaisaheb, Malikul Ashtar Bhaisaheb Nikah were performed with other Qasre Aali members. A huge Fatemi Traditional Procession was arranged on the wedding day, which comprised of All Aayanul Jamat, Jamea Students, Aamil, Kothar & Qasre Aali members. On this occasion Syedna (TUS) conferred the title of Hadiyat to Ammatullah Aiesaheba and other Umhatul Mumineen.

31. In 1398h, Ashara Mubaraka in Karachi. Syedna (TUS) was received by senior members of government & mumineen with a 10km long procession. He remained state guest for 3 days. On 2nd of Safar, Mualatona Zainub (SA) Zarih Mubarak which was fabricated in Karachi was sent to Cairo. On 6th Safar, Syedna (TUS) went to Cairo and on 16th Safar inaugurate the same. He was received by President Anwar Sadaat and was honored with the highest title of Egypt "Vishahul Niel". On Chelum of Imam Hussain (SA) Sydena performed waaz in Rasool Hussain’s Mashad and got the opportunity to step inside the Zarih Mubarak. Syedna (TUS) stayed for 157 days in Karachi, during which Chelum, Milad’s of Rasool Allah, Imamuzzaman and Daiez Zaman were observed.

Thereafter Syedna (TUS) left Cairo and visited Kuwait, Dubai & Bahrain and finally came back to Karachi. In Rajab Syedna (TUS) was received by the Chief Minister of Maharashtra along with thousand of mumineen in Mumbai at Brabourn Stadium. Ramandan was performed in Mumbai. In Shawwal, Syedna (TUS) received the privilege of becoming the 1st Dia-el Mutlaq to visit America and met the UNO Secretary General. Syedna (TUS) visited all those cities in America, where mumineen resided, make Jamaats. Besides, prosperity 1398h was one of the difficult year, as Munifiqeen tried to launch a commissions against Dawah, known as "Tarkundi" & "Nathwani" but with the Dua Mubarak of Maula (TUS) mumineen fought very bravely with them at all stages were defeated badly. From America Syedna (TUS) went to London and then to Cairo. During his stay in Cairo, The Egyptian Govt permitted to renovate Al Jamea Al Anwar, Syedna (TUS) performed Eidul Adha in Cairo and left for Mumbai.

32. In 1399h, Historic Ashara Mubaraka was performed in Jamnagar after 250 years along with 35,000 mumineen. On 27th Rabiul Awwal, Syedna (TUS) boarded the "Queen Elizabeth II, ship. During the journey, the QE captain was asked by Syedna (TUS) that, What measures would he take, In case of Storm? He replied that, He has faith that, If Syedna (TUS) is in the ship there won’t be any Storm.

33. In 1400h, Ashara Mubaraka was observed in Bombay. Al Multaqa Al Fatemi Al Ilmi was observed. In Jamidi ul Awwal, Syedna (TUS) visited Cairo to inspect the work progress of Al Jamea Al Anwar and was delighted on the completion of its Mehrab. Later Syedna (TUS) made a 3 day visit to Nairobi which was suffering from drought. Syedna (TUS)’s presence and his bayan brought the Rain. He was named "Rain Maker" in the Newspaper. Syedna (TUS) donated 520,000 Kenyan Shillings for the Public Welfare. This year Syedna (TUS)’s sister Fatema Aaisaheba passed away.

34. In 1401h, the start of 15th century, Syedna (TUS) inaugurated Al Jamea Al Anwar in Cairo, and performed Ashara Mubaraka. 10,000 mumineen attained the same and was bestowed by Aqa Maula (TUS)’s dua mubarak. In Jamdiul Ukhra , the Karachi High Court decided the case made by Munafiqeen in Syedna (TUS)’s favor. Again for the 1st time, a Fatemi Dai-el-Mutlaq observed Lailatul Qadr in Al Jamea Al Anwar in Ramadan. Afterwards, Syedna (TUS) performed Haj in Mecca and Eide Gadire Qum was observed in Kaabatullah.

35. In 1402h, Ashara Mubaraka was observed in Cairo. On 16th Moharrum Syedna (TUS) observed Urs mubarak of Syedna Hatim, in Qubbah Mubarak in Hutaib and at the time of Zikre Shahadate & Matam Imam e Hussain (sa) blood emerged underneath the Quranic verses. Thereafter Impression of Imam’s Name were found in Jamea e Sana, which were inscribed by Maula (TUS)tona Huratul Maleka (sa). In Safar Syedna (TUS) became the 1st Dail-el-Mutlaq to observe prayers in Jamea Burasa in Najaf, Iraq. This year for the 1st time performed Ziarat of Maulana Jafferut Tayyar in Jordan.

36. In 1403h, Ashara Mubaraka was observed in Sidhpur, India. On 6th of Ramadan, for the 1st time in 1000 years, Syedna (TUS) performed Namaz Zohar/ Asar in Al Jamea Al Anwar after Imam Hakim (sa) in the same date in 403h.

37. In 1404h, Ashara Mubaraka in Karachi. On 1st , 16th & 30th Moharrum, Inauguration of Taheri Masjid in Saddar and Al Masjid Al Fatemi & Al Aewane Saifee in Al JaemaTUS Saifiyah Karachi. Syedna (TUS) stayed for 123 days in Karachi, during which Chelum, Milad’s of Rasool Allah (saw), Imamuzzaman (sa) and Daiez Zaman (TUS) and more than 400 Nikah were performed.

38. In 1405h, Ashara Mubaraka was observed in Nairobi. On chelum day Syedna (TUS) gave commandments of "Munasibatain Al Karimatain". On 17th Jamidil Awwal, visited Iraq on Invitation by Iraqi Govt, stayed for 10 days.

39. In1406h, Ashara Mubarak was observed in Surat. Syedna (TUS) inaugurated zarih mubarak of Mukhallefate Rasool in Cairo on his Milad day. On 12th Jamadil Awwal dawah’s enemies set a Car Bomb near the East gate of Raudhat Taheri to harm Syedna (TUS), but Allah protected his Dai.

40. In 1407h, Ashara Mubaraka was observed in Indore, India. For the 1st time in Al Jamea Al Anwar in Cairo, Syedna (TUS) observed Namaze Janaza of his Beloved Brother Amirul Jamea, Syedi Yusuf Bhaisaheb Najmuddin (AQ). He was buried near Maulana Malikul Ashter (SA). On Milad e Imamuzzaman (sa), Syedna (TUS)’s youngest son Sh. Ammar Bhaisaheb Jamaluddin marriage was observed.


42. In 1408h, Ashara Mubaraka in Karachi. On 17th Moharrum Syedna (TUS)’s mother Aamena Aiesaheba passed away in Karachi, Her resting place was made in the complex of Al JameTUS Saifiyah Karachi. Syedna (TUS) stayed for 118 days in Pakistan, during which Chelum, Milad’s of Rasool Allah (saw), Imamuzzaman (sa) and Daiez Zaman (TUS) were observed. Thereafter went to America to inaugurate the 1st Bohra Masjid in Detroit. Later performed Haj.

43. In 1409h, Ashara Mubaraka was observed in Bombay. After Ashara Mubaraka came to Karachi to condole the demise of President Ziaul Haq.

44. In 1410h, Ashara Mubarak was observed in Surat. Milad e Imamuz Zaman and Misaq was observed 1st time in Masjid e Kufa. Iraq.

45. In 1411h, Ashara Mubaraka was observed in Darus Salaam, Tanzania. For the 1st time, Syedna (TUS) introduced Qarzan Hasanan and granted One Million Riyals for the mumineen in Yemen. Later he performed Ziarat’s in Hutaib, Shareqa, Shibam,Masar, Hozan, Lahab, Zabed and Zi Jibillah.

46. In 1412h, Ashara Mubaraka was observed in Columbo. For the 1st time Miladun Nabi (saw) was observed in Cairo, after 900 years.

47. In 1413h, Ashara Mubaraka was observed in Pune, India. In Rabiul Akhar , Syedna (TUS) became the 1st Dail-el-Mutlaq to perform Umra on Milad e Imamuz Zaman , made an historic Ziarat of Maulatona Fatema tuz Zehra’s (SA), and showered Attar on Qabr Mubarak. Afterwards visit Ramala, Philistine and observed prayers in Jamea Fatemi, known as Masjid e Asra. Also made inauguration of Al Jamea Al Aqmar’s Mehrab, which is made of Marble.

48. In 1414h, Ashara Mubaraka was observed in Mombasa. Kenya. On Milad e Imamuz Zaman, Syedna (TUS) inaugurated the Zarih mubarak of Muqame Rasul Hussain (SA) and Raoos us Shauhada in Shaam (Syria). On this occasion the Govt of Syria presented the Old Zarih of Rasul Hussain (sa) to Syedna (TUS), a part from which was gifted and now installed in Fatemi Masjid Al JameaTUS Saifiyah Karachi. On 19th Shaban, Mukasir ud Dawah Syedi Saleh Bhaisaheb Safiuddin passed away in Mumbai and on Eid e Gadir e Khum, Syedi Hussain Bhaisaheb Husamuddin was appointed as Mukasir ud Dawah.

49. In 1415h, Ashara Mubaraka was observed in Bombay. Syedna (TUS) performed 40 Ziarat of Syedna Qutubuddin Shaheed (sa) along with Amatullah Aiesaheba in his 20 day stay in Ahmedabad. Aie Saheba from her personal savings, paid tribute to Syedna Qutubuddin Shaheed (RA) by mounting a pure Gold Shaheedana on his Qabar Mubarak. On the eve of Miladun Nabi (SAW), Aiesaheba passed away in London. Syedna (TUS) with deep grief and sorrow perform the Milad Majlis and thereafter her funeral. She departed from Aqa Maula (TUS) after 60 years of Khidmat. On his Milad Mubarak’s Evening & on the Day (Friday), Syedna (TUS) along with hundreds of mumineen performed Ziarat (On Niyat of Aiesaheba) of Amirul Mumineen (SA) and Imam Hussain (SA) respectively and for the first time Matam was permitted in the harum of Imam Hussain (SA) on Aqa Maula (TUS)’s request. Ramadan Mubarak was observed in Surat after 50 years.

50. In 1416h, Ashara Mubaraka was observed in Mombasa. Kenya. Again for the 1st time Syedna (TUS) observed the Milad of Imamuz Zaman (SA) in Yemen, the birth place of Imamut Tayyeb (SA) and in the eve, inaugurated two jamea’s in Cairo named as Jamea Lulu (Pearl) and Jamea Jayushi and on the day of Milad inaugurated Maula (TUS)tono Ruqqiyah’s Zarih mubarak. On 13th Rabiul Akhar Syedna (TUS) inaugurated the Faiz e Hatimi in Sana Yemen and observed his Milad in Yemen.

51. In 1417h, Ashara Mubaraka was observed in Karachi. Later inaugurated Masjid Al Moazzam in Surat and invited mumineen to step forward for the Hifz (by heart) of Al Qur’an. For the same Syedna intend to built an Ultra Modern Language Laboratory (Maaduz Zahra) in the complex of Al JameaTUS Saifiyah Surat.

52. In 1418h, Ashara Mubaraka was observed in Surat. Syedna (TUS) made a historic visit in Far East Asia’s countries, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, Malaysia, and Hong Kong and showered benedictions on mumineen.
In 1419h, Ashara Mubaraka was observed in Nairobi. Inauguration of Maaduz Zahra in Surat in which 10,000 children who had Hifz Al Qur’an, participated from all over the world. On 5th of Rajab, Aqa Maula’s (TUS) beloved daughter Shehzadi Sakina ben saheb passed away in Karachi. Syedna (TUS) performed her funeral in Al JameaTUS Saifiyah and she was laid to rest near her Grandmother, Amena AeiSaheba.

In the end, we pray to Allah to grant us thousands of Milad of our beloved Maula (TUS), and may we remain to see that day when Imamuzzaman (sa) will end his satar (seclusion) on the Hands of Aqa Maula (TUS).

Aamin !!